NCACC Collaborative Property Tax System

The NCACC Collaborative Property Tax System (NCPTS) is a fully integrated tax software system that automates, streamlines and integrates tax administration functions such as real estate, personal property, vehicle tax, billing, collections, land records and appraisal. The software system has been developed to adhere to North Carolina property tax law.
NCPTS is being offered to counties without a licensing fee through the NCACC. According to Henderson County Tax Assessor Stan Duncan, “NCPTS offers us the opportunity to move ahead, both in terms of technology platform and software functionality. ... All too often various software programs were more of a constraint instead of a tool. The collaborative approach of NCPTS validates the various and good ideas and brings them to the forefront by consensus.”

Wake County originally contracted with IIS (now called Farragut), a North Carolina-based software services provider and NCACC Associate Member, to develop the system. Part ownership of NCPTS was transferred to the NCACC in 2003 so that all interested counties could take advantage of the system software without having to pay a licensing fee. Farragut provides ongoing NCPTS implementation and support services.

Contact Information
Contact Jeff McDonald of Farragut.