NCACC Frank Bonner Scholarship

In June 2004, the NCACC Risk Management Pools Board of Trustees adopted a resolution honoring the life of Frank Bonner, a dedicated long-serving commissioner from Beaufort County who was instrumental in establishing the Pools and served as both Trustee and Chair of the Board of Trustees for many years. The intent of the scholarship is to further the risk management education of a county employee who has demonstrated great initiative and dedication to implementing risk management techniques in the workplace.

The 2017 award consists of full payment of registration and associated fees, hotel and all travel expenses to attend a 3-day portion of the PRIMA Institute, which will take place October 9-13 at the Sheraton Gunter hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Each day of this year's Institute focuses on a different aspect of risk management:

  • Monday - Insurance and Risk Management
  • Tuesday - Risk Methodology
  • Wednesday - The Legal Aspects of Risk
  • Thursday - Risk Financing
  • Friday - Law Enforcement
This year's winner may elect to attend any three consecutive days of the program. The winner may also opt to attend another safety or risk management conference in place of the PRIMA Institute, such as the annual NC Safety Conference of the Annual Conference of the American Association of Safety Engineers. 
In order to be eligible, applicants must:
  • Be employed by a county that participates in the NCACC liability & Property Pool and/or the Workers Compensation Pool
  • Be primarily responsible for risk management and/or insurance administration for their county.
Applicants may download and complete an application form or contact to be emailed or faxed a copy of the application. As an alternative, an applicant may:

  • Submit a written statement that answers the following questions:
    • "What areas of risk management would you like to enhance/develop through additional training?" and 
    • “Why do you believe you should receive this opportunity to further your risk management education?” 
  • The written statement should include the applicant's full name, job title, and length of time in current position; and should explain what risk management responsibilities their current job description includes and describes in detail their experience acting as the county or entity’s risk manager; and
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the county manager that should include a statement affirming approval of the individual's time away from work to attend the 2017 PRIMA Institute for three days in the 2nd week of October.
The deadline for applications is Friday, July 14. Applications should be emailed to; mailed to NCACC, Attn: NCACC Risk Management, 353 E. Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27609; or faxed to (919) 719-1169.