Agriculture Guiding Principles

NCACC Agriculture Guiding Principles

As adopted by NCACC Membership on January 10, 2019

The Association supports local control over land-use decision-making and its impact on the agricultural community.

The Association supports state policies providing local options and tools for the preservation of farmland, if they serve the best interest of all counties.

The Association supports research, education and outreach with various public and private partnerships that result in agricultural development opportunities, sustainable initiatives producing low-cost food and energy that will, in turn, create healthy local economies.

Agricultural issues related to the environment transcend governmental boundaries and require close coordination of policy and action by federal, state and local governments.

Powers delegated to the counties for the protection of the public health are important for protecting the land and water resources that are vital for agricultural endeavors.

The General Assembly should provide funds for any increased county responsibility related to animal control operations and/or facilities.